Review: PURER SKIN Bird's Nest Skincare

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Did you know that Bird's nest contains Sialic Acid, Collagen and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that does wonders for your skin and yet also provides a wealth of health benefits, including aiding digestion, raising libido, improving the voice, alleviating asthma, improving focus, and an overall benefit to the immune system?

I grew up with my grandma always pampering me with lots of expensive Chinese herbal soups, Bird's Nest has always been one of her must buys. Whenever she heads to the Chinese medical herb store, she spends like thousands of dollars easily on Bird's Nest every couple of months and firmly believes that Bird's Nest is very beneficial to our skin and body.

I feel so pampered waking up to a bowl of bird's nest and my best companion - my kindle PaperWhite in bed. My perfect kind of Saturday.

From about a month back i've been using Purer Skin's range of Bird's Nest Skincare.
Look at the beautiful set of Purer Skin Symphony which comes with the entire range of skin care products:

[ Purer Skin Crème Cleanser / Purer Skin Clarifying Toner / Purer Skin Miracle Serum / Purer Skin Night Recovery ]

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these sets for my grandma because she's such a huge fan of Bird's Nest!

I think the most impressive thing about this range of products is that it contains 100% highly concentrated Pure Bird’s Nest because Purer Skin farms its own Bird’s Nest for skincare products and are the only Bird's Nest skincare that discovered a method to effectively LIQUEFY pure Bird’s Nest into highly concentrated active ingredients that is easily absorbed by your skin so your skin gets 100% of the benefits of Bird's nest!

Although other brands may claim to contain Bird’s Nest in their skincare products, but they are mostly using the water that Bird's Nest is soaked in, and if that is effective, what about the effectiveness of applying liquefied Bird's Nest extracts on your skin!

Purer Skin Crème Cleanser 
I've never actually used any crème cleansers in the past, but right now i'm sharing this with my mummy because she's in love with it too! I really like that it cleanses my oily skin well, the Bird's Nest Chondroitin hydrates and nourishes the skin so my skin doesn't feel tight or uncomfortable at all as it would sometimes with some other cleansers. It even has Pure Bird's Nest protein beads that gently exfoilate to remove dead skin!

Purer Skin Clarifying Toner
I'm pretty used to using japanese skincare which usually has softeners instead of toners, and i haven't really used toners for awhile before i tried this clarifying toner but man oh man is this convenient! 

Just spray all over my face and pat pat pat and my skin is prepped and ready for my facial essence! I love to use this in the morning when i don't need to double-cleanse since it's a spray toner and not applied on with a cotton pad or anything. This entire line of skincare also has botanical extracts etc which helps to keep skin clear and brightens complexion!

Purer Skin Miracle Serum
Sometimes i think i have a love and hate relationship with some serum that are so thick and gunky and leaves a sticky eeky residue on your skin that can never be absorbed well, NONE of this problem with this serum, no wonder it's the star product of this range!

I use this morning and night, 4-5 drops and massage this serum and it is always very quickly absorbed. I always concentrate and apply more on the side of my forehead and my "smile lines" and chin area that needs more TLC. 

This serum contains the highest concentration of liquefied bird's nest essence and also Sialic Acid, Collagen and Epidermal Growth Factor [EGF], do you know that EGF helps the natural regeneration of your skin? Really the good stuff man.

Purer Skin Night Recovery
But wow! my favorite product in the entire range would be the Night Recovery, it has this gel-cream texture, perfect for combination skin / oily skin girls like me who can't use creamy night moisturizers! I will apply a pretty generous amount all over, do a little massage with it and pat pat pat into my skin and my skin drinks it all up! *thumbs up*

Because can you imagine spending most of my 24 hour in an air conditioned environment? I wake up and prepare for work in my air-con room, i drive to work with the AC on, i walk a short distance to the office from the carpark to my office with AC of course, maybe 1 hour of lunchtime outdoors, then drive home with my car AC, reach home i'll switch on my aircon and spend my entire night in my room then finally zZz. 

Can you imagine what all that dry AC air will do to dehydrated, oily skin like mine? Makes it CRAZY dehydrated which throws everything out of balance, makes skin more sensitive and prone to outbreaks, and eventually with dehydrated skin, i'll be more prone to get fine lines and finally wrinkles!!

I really cannot emphasize how important hydrated skin is, i think because previously i was using a range of products that didn't really sit well with my dehydrated skin, i was constantly breaking out for that few months and i was so ready to bang my head thru the wall everytime i see a cluster of new zits popping out but now with my skin properly hydrated i don't have those breakouts any longer!

I really like that Purer Skin products are also free from Parabens and Sulphates too!

Every girl needs to feel pampered don't we (: 
I feel like a queen when their products!
I'm one of the Purer Skin Digital Ambassador with 3 other gorgeous ladies, Elaine, Clara and Hayley and I'll be updating on my skin journey with the Purer Skin Beauty Regime monthly for the next half year! 

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♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

23rd Birthday long weekend in 【台北】: Day 4, Taipei Cafe Culture: 台北卡那達咖啡카페 가나다

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sigh, i'm such a lucky girl.
Best birthday vacation ever, slept in bed while the sweetest fiance of mine heads out to the starbucks just opposite our hotel to grab me breakfast in bed.

Lucky rila 妹妹got to go to taiwan with me again! She's livin' the good life too. We're the luckiest chicks yo.

 How is it that their starbucks has better food too?! 
Best beef crossiant [doesn't look like much but it's good stuff!] i had from starbucks and the fiance got me this famous 阿麼甜不辣, so yums!

So while leon head off to his rehearsals for the JJ Lin concert tour, i took my time to prepare and i wasn't really into shopping anymore by day 4 so i made my reservation to this cafe i found online, 台北卡那達咖啡 and made my way there! I mentioned previously we stayed at United Hotel and the MRT is so near so i wasn't tempted to cab at all, lol their public transport is really crazy cheap.

 OOTD: Teal tank from Forever21, Crochet outerwear from Shilin NM, 3 tone necklace from SIX.

 Outer porch area of 台北卡那達咖啡카페 가나다

 Hello you strangers!

 I want one of those gummy bear lamps when i grow up. Whoops. hehe


 I spent a good 5 hours at 台北卡那達咖啡카페 가나다, just reading, 发呆 and oogling the owner's adorable dog. It was just the perfect day. Sometimes it's just that simple.

巧克力棉花糖帕里尼 [TWD 90]
Oh this is just SO yums, Melting chocolate. Marshmallow. Smores. Panini style.
Note to self: Must get a panini press for the future home.

 Hello 狗狗.

 五味子苏打[ TWD 170]

Awwww when i left the 老板 said "有空一定要回来喝茶喔!"
Does that mean that he thought i was a local? Lol i would so love to move to taiwan if i was given the choice. 

台北卡那達咖啡 카페 가나다

Nearest Mrt: 忠孝新生站 ZhongXiaoXinSheng Station, Exit 2
+886 2 2321 7120 
Opening hours: 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sponsored Advertorial: 3M Polarizing Light, I've the prettiest desk light!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

One of my favorite things i love to do whenever i have spare time onhand, is to snuggle in bed in my thick quilt and read for hours and hours and really lose myself in the book
I'm so addicted at that point of time.
Since my fiance performs at Switch every friday, "Friday Date Nights" are mostly non-existence so I mostly have quiet friday nights in and i really do enjoy these quiet nights so i can finally spend some time de-stressing and reading! 

I know it's probably very bad for my eyes to be reading lying down, in fact i only started to wear glasses after i picked up the habit of reading in bed in primary school, not from watching the tv or anything but reading hahah i'm such a dork bookworm.

But since then, to maintain my myopia [my degree is 150 on the left and 250 on the right] I have tried reading with reading lights or at least have a good light source that is not too glaring, doesn't make me strain my eyes too.

The nice folks at 3M sent me a 3M™ POLARIZING LIGHT LED6000 for review and my oh my do i love that! Hahaha when it arrived at my doorstep my mummy was eyeing it already and saying wah look very nice for a lamp uh? So high tech!

We were both super excited and plugged it to an electrical source immediately to check it out, look at how sleek it is! It come in two colours –Sleek White and Luminescent Green, luckily 3M sent me the white one which really matches my room's "theme"!

And you must be curious why my mummy commented that it's "so high tech"? You must be thinking how high tech can a desk lamp be right?

- She's referring to the Touch Dimmer function!

Just with one touch you can easily switch it On/Off, adjust between the 5 levels of the brightness according to your needs. Love it! When I feel like i'm drifting off to sleep when i'm reading in bed i would just reach to the lamp and with one feathery touch the lamp is off and i'm off to lalaland too. (:

My mum is hilarious! She was like saying "Wah this lamp is very good for couples, very romantic- no need like those old-school lamps "tiak tiak tiak" have to press button so noisy"
LOL seriously the things she say is so funny. Now i know where i get my weirdness from.

Most of the time your eyes are strained because of the reflective light that bounces off your reading material which creates stress on our eyes = gradually weaken our eyesight!!!

With the latest 3M Air GuidingTM Technology, it removes multi-shadow and the antiglare feature *Thumbs up* helps protect against eye strain, and allows you to read comfortably anytime.

These days Singapore is so expensive to live in so to save $ on energy bills and not to mention being friendly to the environment the 3M™ POLARIZING LIGHT LED6000 have a much lower energy consuption which is always a huge plus!

Do you know that the LED light can also last for up to 50,000 hours long, without needing to replace the light = increased savings too!

I'm also extremely impressed by the innovative ventilation design to enhance heat dissipation efficiency, so i can do this:

I remember when i was still in school and i'm mugging for my exams/doing my homework i always have little "ouch" situations where my arm would accidentally bump into the lamp top or worst the lamp bulb itself  which is really hot and and it's always so painful boo boo.

Crazy what all these technology does! Definitely worth the investment esp when it looks so pretty and chic, and you can fold it flat and store it if you like to sometimes to you reading on your armchair, sofa, bed it's easily movable cos it's so light and nifty!

As a very ahem vain girlie i also played around it and even found that if i position the light properly like this..

i can even use it as a light source like a photography flash light to camwhore with in a totally unlighted room like this!

Hahahaha ok just kidding, or maybe i'm not kidding. i might really use it to take photos of products etc at night when i need extra light to take gorgeous crisp well-lighted photo hahaha.

All in all the 3M™ POLARIZING LIGHT LED6000 is a great additon to take care of your eyes while you read and if you're thinking of getting one for yourself too do look out for the below promotion that is running right now!

Something special for TheLuckiestChick readers:


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Quick, Giveaway period is from 01 July 2013 and ends 15 August 2013.          

The LED6000 is now available in two colors –Sleek White and Luminescent Green – to brighten up any work desk. Additionally, 3M will be releasing a new gooorgeous PINK version LED 6000! This will be available in the market from 22 July 2013 onwards.

23rd Birthday long weekend in 【台北】: Day 2

Monday, July 15, 2013

So.. 5th july -day 2 in Taipei. Lol it's officially my birthday!

We swapped hotel and moved over to United hotel [ ] which the entire JJ Lin band was staying, it's like 1 minute walk to the nearest Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Station and there's an area a short walk away with tons of cool cafe and restaurants and like starbucks and convinience store right outside the hotel. Aweeeeesome.

So since it was my birthday afterall, what's better than an entire day of retail therapy, right?
Took the train to Taipei City Hall Station to the Xinyi shopping districts where all the departmental stores were, wanted to find Ettusais' counter at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越) found it and stocked up extra 2 of my favourite Ettusais Gentle Wash soap bar, love this cleanser! Singapore is retailing it at $20 per bar but in Taiwan it's $14 after the conversion rate, so much difference!

Since it was raining outside and i didn't have an umbrella with me, 
went to their supermarket in the basement to look see look see lol, 
bought lots of tidbits and funny things in the end and i saw this:

OMG?! Adorable or what? I wanna migrate and live in taiwan because they have Rila + Chopper + Hello Kitty toilet paper! Hahahah i think it will make my constipation problem worst. I immediately texted leon this picture and he was like CUTE TOILET PAPER IS $10?! 
Lol whoops i think when girls see cute stuff we just totally overlook other things eh.

Was randomly shopping around the departmental store and 
bought myself some shoes + this really adorable plastic bag - which turned out to be really handy 
cos it was raining everyday i was in Taiwan, and i carried the new pinky plastic bag around 
so it doesn't matter even if it got rained on! 
Poor baby is still in taiwan now and they had typhoon last night ):

Never really been into leather shoes but man oh man are these new kicks comfy! 
Bought 3 pairs of leather shoes, 
my first Minnetonka Thunderbird II flats [], loooove the spring collection teal color one with is unlike the usual camel brown, dusty brown etc.

Also got this Reyn leather flats from DV by Dolce Vita [ ], oh so comfy and unique plus it goes with everything i swear!

This leather x suede teal & nude wedges from Miss21, OMG feels like heaven when i stepped into these babies.

Oh shopped around and i saw this brand which the sales assistant told me it's from Japan, 
Kanaii boom [ ] Lol tried on a bunch of nightwear so kawaii and comfy! 
Got in-built support somemore to prevent saggy boobies!

Awww look at their changing room? Like a telephone booth, so cute!
LOL kinda got a little culture shock when i was trying out the nighties the cute sale assistant was knocking on the changing room and i thought she wanted to pass me some more designs to try out 
but she totally chiong into the changing room and went "啊啊啊啊很可爱吧!好适合你哦!!yadda yadda yadda",  lol so cute and friendly!

End up making friends with the sales girl and she was telling me about this half angmo she's into blah blah lol

It's quite pricey thou, like about TWD2880 for the sleep cami + knickers which is about $128.
Again what did i saw about me being totally blind about $ when it comes to cute stuff -.-
But they are too comfy and cute haha so i bought 2 sets in the end :x

By then i've been shopping for like 5 hours straight and i'm damn shagged!
One of my to-visit cafe list was Smith & Hsu which was very popular for their teas and scones

[Smith and Hsu]

The one i went to was in 統一 shopping mall which is just opposite Eslite 
but they have like 7 stores around, so you can just show people like the website 
of the 7 store locations [ ] and ask them 
which one are you currently nearest to you, whereever you're at, hmm that's what i did and everyone was very nice to help me with directions and all. (:

Mmmm ordered the 2 scones + a pot of tea set for 1, 
so fun choosing my choice of tea sniffing thru the entire tray of tea leaves!

Oh I had the Mango + Passionfruit tea which was really nice because usually with fruit tea there's 
this "xiap xiap" taste if you get what i mean? But the tea at Smith & Hsu, no such problem!

Mmmm. the warm scones with the clotted cream and lemon curd is SO good! I'm quite surprised 
but i found that I liked it even more than the ones i had at the famous Tea Cosy, The Irish Tearoom in the Rocks, Sydney [Read here:] but obviously still not beating the BEST scones I've had in my life at Blue Mountains with Jessica! [Read here:]

Tabao-ed back for the fiance but by the time he ate it was like DAMN cold and harden already boo boo, obviously the hotel room has no oven for me to warm up for him lol so boo boo not nice anymore. 
Next time i'll bring him there!

The outlet i went is the Taipei City Hall Station outlet:

Smith and Hsu 統一阪急台北店
6FL., No. 8, Sec. 5 Zhong Xiao East Road, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 8786 2877
營業時間: AM 11:00 - PM 09:30 (周日至周四)/ AM 11:00 - PM 10:00 (周五&周六)

After my lovely tea break, by then both of my arms were FULL of shopping bags and time's just time to head back to the hotel since the fiance has finally ended his rehearsals so yay ffffinally can accompany me!

We went to have shabu shabu for dinner with the entire JJ Lin concert tour band, 
lol midway through dinner leon suddenly ran out of the restaurant with one of the other bandmates 
and i was telling one of the girl "ahhh. i betcha he's going out to get me a cake or something" lol, 
cannot hide from me you little piggie!

Obvious right! He don't even smoke or anything why would he just suddenly run out hahaha silly
Sure enough he came back like 10 minutes later and the whole restaurant started singing Happy Birthday, awwww thank god there's no trick candles or blowing of trick candles while standing on a chair or anything idiotic that he made me do during my 18th or 19th birthday lol.

He could find a cake so he bought a mini tart with lots of macarons! Hahaha
My buys of the day! Lol yep i bought a shitload of Naruko + NRK products :x

Got part of Leon's birthday present too althought it's still 2 months away, heh excited to give him but have to keep first!! It's from this italian designer and all their designs is limited to only one piece per design.

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.